Sunday, February 27, 2005

Day 15

Marti and I flew home from Louisville today. After weekend away, I really just wanted to do some wash and stay at home. So I was happy to find a dime in the Kroger parking lot, because it meant that I wasn’t going to have to do any change hunting to get something today. I also found 3 pennies in the CoinStar machine in Kroger, and one penny in the apartment parking lot.

Total for the Day - $0.14
Total for the Race - $3.06

Thursday Survivor Update (A few days late due to the Louisville Trip)

Quote of the week belongs to James the Steelworker. “We’re Americans and we’re going to do democracy”

I’ve always been a fan of when the other tribe is SHOCKED when they see the first person who was voted off. They’ve known them for almost 5 days, I’d be happy with just learning most of the names, let alone have enough feelings to feel shocked. So absurd.

I dig Ian, even though he looks a ton like a dude I worked with in college.

Not only do I have problems with the name Bobby John, he was acting like he was totally on having ‘Roid Rage, yelling at the sand bags, bleeding from his chest, and hitting himself during the reward challenge. If he can stay on the island, he might go “Ron Artest” on someone. Which of course, I am rooting for.

The number of hot girls wearing only bra/bikini tops is very high this season, a very NICE development.

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