Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day 43

I almost risked the change finding streak today, because I didn't leave the house until after 8pm. But tonight, I went out to drop off some mail, and walked over to the nearby KFC and found a quarter and 2 pennies. That was my easter egg hunt for the day.

If you didn't watch the Michigan State vs Kentucky game, you missed a great game. At the end of regulation, a player for Kentucky hit a three to send the game into overtime. But the refs had to review if his foot was on the line, which would make the shot a 2, and give MSU the win. Now, I must admit, being an IU grad, I HATE Kentucky and enjoy watching them lose. But I really hate to see a play where the officals call decides who wins or loses. It was way to close to call, and I'm happy that they decided to let the game go into overtime, and let the result be decided on the court. And I'm happy to see Kentucky lose. Sorry Ashley Judd!

Total for the Day - $0.27
Total for the Race - $13.35
Change Finding Streak - 29 Days

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