Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day 45

I had to stop at the bank today on the way to work, and since Arby's is right next door, I made a quick stop, and picked up 3 pennies.
Then when I pulled into my parking lot at work, I was actually thinking about how I haven't found any change in my work parking lot.
Wouldn't you know, that I open up my truck door, and find a penny, just sitting there waiting for me.
I also found 2 other pennies while walking around work.

Total for the Day - $0.06
Total for the Race - $13.54
Change Finding Streak - 31 Days


Chris said...

Ah, the power of positive thought. Now all you need to do is think about how nice it would be to find $19.39 in change in one day and then we would be all tied up (I hate to smack talk, but you keep asking for it)

Chris said...

My bad, all you need is $19.37. See, you are already 2 cents closer.