Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day 61

I really didn't want to spend another day gripping about change, so I set out early today in search of some finds.
I found 5 pennies at KFC, and 3 of them were well hidden in some cracks. They were very dark and I was proud of finding them. It puts to rest the theory from yesterday that my change radar is on the fritz!
I also made a quick run over to Arby's and found a dime.

Through this race, Chris and I have noticed how many cigarette butts we find on the ground. You would think that they would make some cigarettes that have biodegradable filters. Would make the streets look a bit nicer. Same goes for gum. Imagine if you could invent some gum that would degrade about 5 days or so. If you read this and invent it, please send me some of the money!

Good luck to Chris tonight as he goes to collect ticket stubs after the first ever Washington Nationals game (Not the first ever game in Washington, but the first game for the Nationals). I say the over/under for stubs that he gets is 6. I will take the under. Most people will want to keep the stub from the first Nationals game, but then again, some people just don’t care, or are forgetful.

Also good luck tonight to Stephanie, the last member of Ulong! Survivor report coming tomorrow.

Total for the Day - $0.15
Total for the Race - $15.35
Change Finding Streak - 47 Days


Brian said...

I say he gets double-digits, 13. You'd be surprised what people throw away. Or would you?

Chris said...

Sad to report that Bailey wins the ticket stub game. I only found one stub. I would like to think I would have found more but my uncle was ready to leave. I did find 29 cents in the stadium, however.