Monday, April 25, 2005

Day 72

On the way to work today, I stopped by the car wash and found 4 cents. I was a bit disappointed, because it was a nice sunny weekend, I expected some serious action at the car wash and thus, some serious change.
I also found 1 penny on the sidewalk while coming into work.

My sore throat is still going strong, which is no fun. I was talking with some co-workers today about my throat and how I might call in sick tomorrow if it doesn't get any better. After I mentioned by illness someone said "Yup, that's going around." Got me thinking, everytime that I mention that I am sick, or that Marti is sick, no MATTER WHAT the illness is, someone says, "Yup, that's going around."
I've got a head cold - "Yup, that's going around"
I've got a sore throat - "Yup, that's going around"
I've got a broken leg - "Yup, that's going around"

If you noticed, I am not longer keeping track of my Change Finding Streak. Chris and I have talked about this, unless you have a day that is just super busy or you are on vacation, you can find change everyday. The more I think about it, the more pointless it becomes. I know that I will be able to find change (If I want to) everday up until the wedding/honeymoon in June. So why keep track? I think that next year, I will try to find change every day for a calendar year. That will be a good goal for 2006.

Total for the Day - $0.05
Total for the Race - $17.53


Chris said...

Brian didn't find change for two days in a row. Are you calling him a little girl? I think you are. Just for the record I think Brian is the man. Too bad you can't show the same respect you punk!

Ethan the wonderful. said...


I have a theory,
What if chris lives in a more wealthy
area and thus change is dropped and forgotten.

don't you get all offended, I'm just thinking, and I don't do that often you should feel special.

Bailey said...

Of course, I don't think that about Brian. I respect him so much that I picked April for my Contest day. You didn't have any faith in him, and picked August or whatever!
Remember, I linked to his blog first. You had to ask ME to do it for you. I can still go in and take that link out! I can also change your picture to a pink bunny and you wouldn't know how to fix it!

Ethan (Mr. Fry)
Interesting theory. Having been to both areas, I think that I am closer to more wealth. Actually Chris and I have talked about this very theory before. We think that in poorer areas people are more likely to be suspious of people wandering around. But there are logical arguments on both sides.
Personally I think that Chris has way more free time, more places to stop on his way to work, and no Marti to keep him in check.

I feel special that I sparked some thought!

Brian said...

I'm flattered...

... I like to think my area is tapped out and that is the reason for my occasional goose eggs.

Separately, in my best year ever, I found change each day through June 29, and even then I had to enact the Foreign Soil No Change Act to account for days where I made no finds while out of the country.

Chris said...

I like the rich vs. poor area though and will chime in. Both Spring (where I live) and The Woodlands (Bailey) are well to do areas, but The Woodlands probably has a higher per capita income. That said, I find most of my change in Houston. I think Bailey hit the nail on the head with no Marti to keep me and check and more free time. I'm free to arrive at work on a flexible schedule while Bailey is not. I also drive around during the day, where Bailey does not.

Brian said...

Two quick thoughts:
- I think, if anything, wealthy people would be more careful about not dropping coins. I think the key is to look in places where people go. Whether in an affluent area or not seems moot.
- If you think a significant other is a detriment to unfettered coin-finding, just imagine having a small child.