Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Day 74

Here is a quick recap of my stops on the way to work today;
KFC - Nothing
Taco Bell - 1 dime, 1 penny
James Coney Island - 2 pennies (Very exciting, because it is the first time I have found coins there)
Wendy's - 1 penny (Once again, my girlfriend is good to me)

While at work, my change radar was in peak form. I was walking in the hallway and saw something glimmer about 50 feet away. Turned out to be a dime. I was very proud.

Since I live in the Houston metro area, traffic is a big deal around here. While listening to the morning news and the traffic on the radio this morning, I noticed something that I have never given much thought to. In the morning the people doing the traffic reports are very serious, while in the afternoon they seem to have more fun with it. Example - This morning there was a disabled car in middle HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lane of the Gulf Freeway. Even though it wasn't in their way, people were stopping to look and thus there was a 30 minute back-up. The traffic person just said the facts. Now, had this been in the afternoon, the traffic reporter would have been saying stuff like "What are you looking at people, it's not in your way! Stop rubbernecking and get home!" or some lame joke.

At first thought, you would think that people are just to groggy in the morning to want comedy. But then how can you explain all those absurd morning shows on the radio, with their dumb jokes, stupid noise gags, and dumb names like "The Zoo".
Personally, I think it is because people are very serious about getting to work on time, and don't want to play around with their morning commute. But getting home on time is less important, so they can appreciate humor with their traffic. If this is the case, it is a sad commentary on our world.
For me, my time after work with Marti or friends is more important than work. If you place work ahead of your family & friends on your priorities, then I feel bad for you.
I can handle comedy with my traffic at anytime, but if I had to choose, I would rather have it in the morning, because traffic is much less fun when I'm trying to get home to Marti and my free time.

Total for the Day - $0.24
Total for the Race - $17.89

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Chris said...

Excellent observation and very true. I would always rather be at home. Reward yourself with a Ray King Dog.