Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Day 116

I was sitting on zero for most of the day. At 10pm I started to get a bit nervous that I would have my first zero day since February. Since this was not an option, I went out and found 2 pennies, one at JR's Car Wash and one at McDonald's. I also stopped off at Long John Silver's and Starbucks, but found nothing.

If Chris found either of these two rings, would he deposit it into the "Not Change Cup" or deposit it to a pawn shop and keep the money?
I pick the latter.

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $28.04


Johnny Butane said...

man u need to step up your .

btw this is ETW changed accounts

Brian said...

I think he'd put it in his Not Change cup. Just a hunch.

... by the by, thanks to your Astros for beating my competition.

Bailey said...

ETW - What is up with the name change?

Brian - To bad it was the Mets. I grew up in New York, so my favorite team is the Mets. Not good to see them give the Astros their first road series win of the season!

Johnny Butane said...

the main reason was stupid people ;)

Bailey said...

Hope that wasn't us.
We were joking with the French Fry, not the name.

Either way, welcome back!

Chris said...


Actually, I think it was the Astros second road series win of the year, but still. . .


The "Not Change Cup" would be a good place for the rings. . . and sadly they would not count toward the daily totals.

Mr. Fry:

Johnny Butane sound tough. I like it.