Friday, June 10, 2005

Day 118

I decided to do some early afternoon change searching. I found a nickel in our apartment parking lot. I went to Jack in the Box and found 2 dimes and 6 pennies, taking them felt very great, I will explain later. I also found 3 pennies at Long John Silvers.

I have never eaten at Jack in the Box because they always seem to be killing people with hepatitis. My friends tell me it's great, but I just can't roll the dice and eat there. So I always feel good taking money from the ground around Jack in the Box, because it means that it can't go back into the machine that makes hepatitis burgers!

During the Astros game, Chris and I went across the street to the Home Plate Grill for dinner (It is SO MUCH cheaper than eating at the ballpark). Near the drink machine, I found a dime. Then on the drive home from the game, I found a dime at Wendy's.

Total for the Day - $0.54
Total for the Race - $28.59


Johnny Butane said...

hmmm fattening food a y burgers!

that could SOO be a marketing campain.

Johnny Butane said...

oops typo

MMMmmMM fatening food and k!ll@ burgers