Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 187

Today most of my finds are thanks to CVS Pharmacy.

On the way to work I stopped off at Arby’s and found 1 penny about 15 feet from the drive-thru window. Then before I went to work, I was going to stop off at CVS to pick up some Cokes and Dr. Peppers to put in my mini-fridge that I have in my office. I drove up, and for some reason they were closed. The lights were on, and there were a few cars in the parking lot, but the doors were locked. They used to be open 24 hours, so I was a bit annoyed. I was forced to go by the Shell station instead. When I got there I found 1 penny in the parking lot, and then found a dime and penny under the check-out counter.

(Quick note, that picture is of a CVS in Shippensburg, PA, but it is uncanny how much it looks like the CVS in question. And I'm fully aware that most CVS stores look alike, so being surprised that these two look alike is just as silly as being surprised that John Daly looks like your lazy, drunk, unemployed cousin. Also, if you are wondering why I was so determined to buy drinks for my fridge, let me explain. Our office only has Pepsi machines. People started to find out that I kept Coke and Dr. Pepper in my fridge, and co-workers who hate Pepsi started to come in and buy drinks from me for $0.50 each. In the past months, I have started to get more customers, and much like a crack dealer, I have to provide them with their fix.)

While at work I found a quarter near one of the vending machines.

But CVS wasn’t done effecting my day yet. Since the 6-pack of Dr. Pepper was $2.50 at Shell, I only bought one. I still needed more to re-fill my work fridge, so I stopped off at Kroger on the way home. There I found 5 pennies in the Coinstar machine and 2 pennies under the check-out counter.

So while I was originally annoyed at CVS, them being closed ended up earning me $0.18. So thanks CVS!

Total for the Day - $0.44
Total for the Race - $44.38


BeckEye said...

So, who's winning?

Bailey said...

Beckeye - Thanks for stopping by.

Sadly Chris is kicking my tail right now. He won the race to $100, but that was just the beginning. The race to $1,000 is still young!

Chris said...


Come check out a winner, although Bailey did best me by four cents today. Still, I got to chat with a MLB ballplayer and pick up change from the road, so it was a good day.


Tex said...

why would you undercut on Dr Pepper? You could get a $1 a can easy. Plus if you play your cards right you could seriously advance in the change race if you know what I mean


Bailey said...


I could probably get more than $0.50 per DP, but I guess I feel bad charging more than that.
But I would never have them drop their money, so I could get ahead in the change race. If there is no honor in the change race, then what can society belive me.


Beckeye is stopping by, because I stop by and check out her blog everyday also. If you were more social on Blogger, and not so busy picking up change all alone, then you might have more visiters!

Chris said...

First, I don't know what a "visiters" is. Second, I'm very social. I always talk to the homeless guy at my car wash and to various fast food employees when they see me taking change. How much more social can I be?