Saturday, September 03, 2005

Day 203

This afternoon I had to take Marti to the airport. Sadly, there has been an illness in her family, so she had to go home for a while. Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines! We called around on Friday night looking for bereavement rates. Delta offered $1500 round trip! Continental was very nice, but the best they could offer was $700. Southwest had a one way ticket for $220. Not super cheap, but not to bad for buying it 18 hours before flight.

At the Astros game today, I found 1 penny in the concourse. While driving home, I did some change searching (With no Marti at home, I had some time to kill). Stopping at numerous places like Sonic (x2), McDonald's, JR's Car Wash, Shell Gas Station, 1960 Car Wash, Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks. I was not able to keep good records as to what I found at each location. But all told, I found 3 dimes, 3 nickels, 26 pennies, 1 dollar bill and a 50 cent Pecos coin. Sadly the last 2 don't count toward the total.

Some fun notes from the night of change searching. While at Sonic, I noticed a dime and a penny close to each other. For some reason, I decided to kick the dime over to the penny. Well, I kicked it a bit to hard, and it rolled under my truck. So I had to pull out, put the truck in park (A step I no longer forget) and pick up the dime.

While at the 1960 Car Wash, a guy using the vacuum cleaner was giving me an odd look while I was picking up change. So I told him, that I was just collecting change. He then asked me if I was from Louisiana and displaced from Katrina. I told him I wasn't, but rather just a change searcher. He then told me to stay safe, because crazy stuff was going on around us, according to him.

While at JR's Car Wash, I found a dollar bill near trashcan and the 50 cent Pecos coin.

Total for the Day - $0.71
Total for the Race - $47.84

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