Sunday, September 18, 2005

Day 218

While making a run to the post office, I stopped by the North Chick-Fil-A, and found 2 dimes, 3 nickels and 4 pennies.

For Marti's birthday, I took her out for a nice dinner, and on the way home, we had to make a quick stop to pick up some Drain-o. When we stopped at Walgreen's, Marti was worried that I was going to want to change search some drive-thru's that were near-by. I told her that I would never take her change searching on her birthday. She could only roll her eyes, as I spotted a shiny new penny (heads up) right near the front door.

As mentioned before, today was Marti's 28th birthday. So, for the second year in a row, I made her a cake. I am by no means a good cook, so this was an arduous process. But in the end it was a very edible strawberry cake with white icing.

With 28 candles, it looked like the cake was on fire after I got them all lit. The cake tasted awesome, but unfortunally, part of it became un-edible because of excess wax which melted into the icing!

Total for the Day - $0.39
Total for the Race - $54.62


Chris said...

Of course you would never take Marti change searching on her birhtday. Have her wait in the car!

Solid job on the "Happy Birthday Wife" cake. I hope you saved a non waxy piece for me.

Brian said...

Happy b-day to Marti...