Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 243

This morning I found 2 pennies at KFC.

At work I found a dime in a hallway.

Then while leaving work, I stopped off at the Sunshine Car Wash where I found 2 dimes, 2 nickel and 2 pennies.

Total for the Day - $0.39
Total for the Race - $66.49

Survivor Update

In the first two seasons they used to show the “after effects” of the food in the reward challenges. I wish they would show more of that, I always enjoyed watching people pound their beer or cookies on a totally empty stomach, then watching struggle with it coming back out.

Probst is classic and at the TOP of his game. Watching him give play-by-play of the reward challenge, while Jamie was trying to cut the rope with both hands around his neck, was great. Even after the challenge, he still mentioned that Jamie was the reason they lost. I would love to see Probst do some sports reporting. Could you imagine if he did the interviews after Buckner booted the ball in 1986?
Probst to Buckner, “I know this has GOT to hurt. You are the reason your team lost, no questions about it. Do you think this will effect how the guys feel about you in the clubhouse?”

Stephanie, losing all the time. Crying in her personal interviews. Haven’t we been through this before? Are Colby and Janu going to make a comeback for the merge?
Come on Survivor, change it up and let Stephanie win a few in a row, just so we can bring back the Bobby John Face.

At some point, it must be discussed that Stephanie isn’t just unlucky, but rather part of the problem.

I really like the idea of the “Bait Blake” game. I’m surprised that more people haven’t used the same idea over the years. The “Tell us about your best drinking story” line was CLASSIC.

If I were on the island the Fishmonger would drive me CRAZY!

The “Judd is getting to big for his britches” is now in it’s second episode arc. I hate to say that we are about to enter the “Judd gets WAY to arrogant and gets blindsided” end of the arc in the next few episodes.

I love how Probst not only knows that Blake slept through the storm, but knew he was on the hot seat at Tribal Council, and that was the first question that he asked about. Probst should talk to his agent about playing some lawyer roles in movies/TV.

Dani is the swing vote between Brian and Blake. Who was surprised when they showed her put down a B? I don’t think even Vegas would have posted odds on this.

So excited for the promo with the Bobby John face next week! As Marti said, “He is the kind of guy that could kill everyone in their sleep, then wake up the next morning and make breakfast.” The fact that we now have other survivors getting into his face and instigating the Bobby John freakout/face, is the best development of this Survivor season.


Tex said...

I pulled one of your stunts today. I got out of the car while in Drive. Does it count if no one saw it?

Bailey said...

You should be happy that you still have your car!

I think it still counts. Because even though no one saw it, it is now on the blog, so it happened!

Happy to know that I am not the only one!!

Brian said...

First, nice grab from Chris in the Saturday coin finds.

Second, we just watched Survivor and I share most of your assessment. Blake was played by Brian. Judd is gone soon. Stephenie is getting old. Bobby Jon isn't. Jamie is overrated. Brian is underrated.

Bailey said...

Brian -
I'm happy that you agree with most of my comments, and that you enjoy Bobby John also. Next week should be interesting!