Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 251

I found 1 penny at Arby's this morning.

In the afternoon, I had to make a run to the post office. Right before I turned onto the feeder, I saw the glint of change. I found 1 penny and 1 other beat up coin. The coin was a bit larger than a penny, but since it still has some copper color around the edges, I believe it was a penny that was flattened over time. It is a bit odd, because I haven't found many other coins that have been flattened, but that is what I believe. I have a picture for you to view for yourself. On the left is the other penny that I found on the feeder, in the middle is the coin in question and on the right is the control penny from Arby's.
At JR's Car Wash I found 2 pennies and at Jack in the Box I found 1 quarter.

Total for the Day - $0.30
Total for the Race - $68.71

Survivor Update

I love the “Big Ball” challenge that they had tonight. Always fun when they bring in big object which are going to hurt people. This time they went even further with the added danger of the trees in the way.

I was a little let down by the Bobby Jon freak-out. Personally I was expecting a bit more, but the comedy of him yelling, “That’s not NICE!” is hard to top. He was like The Church Lady during a bout Roid-Rage.

Now onto the highlight of the season, Judd’s complete melt down during tribal council. He made one big mistake, during his tirade, he interrupted Jeff Probst! Probst seemed to play it off, but you have to know that he is simmering. Tribal council is Probst’s territory, and you don’t interrupt him there. It would be like interrupting Joe Pesci, there are some people you just don’t cross. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the tribe wake up the next morning, only see that Judd has been wacked or just missing, only to have Probst tell the tribe that Judd has gone to “Sleep with the Gators”.

All this being said, Judd is viewing gold. During the tribal, I totally agreed with EVERYTHING that Margaret had to say, yet I was happy to see her go. Judd is just to much fun to watch. He even stood up at one moment, and stepped over to her. Was he going to slap her? He has unlimited potential right now. If CBS knows what is good for the show (And they do) he HAS to make the Jury. Can you imagine him getting stabbed in the back, then having his say on the last night. Could be epic and I’m excited for it!

At the second tribal council, surprised to see Brian go. Liked how the tribe totally kissed his butt up to the end. And Probst showed why he is the glue of the show with his last line about how they did a great job of pumping him up and then cutting his throat, and how they could be next. Probst is classic.


Brian said...

OK, I have to offer my congrats on the Astros. I'm really bitter about the Phillies, but I can be a good loser on occasion.

Now, Survivor:
- Liza knew you'd be disappointed about the Bobby Jon freakout. I still like him
- Judd may go further, but he's getting played. But I have to say that I'm not fond of his type. In some ways, I think he's the worst sport of the bunch. Jamie and Bobby Jon may talk a bit of trash or be poor winners at times, but Judd doesn't allow for fair competition to be a sport.
- I guess I was mildly surprised at Brian, but if not him, who? HE was the one they focused on with his several proclamations of it could be anybody.
- I think you're making me a better Survivor critic and viewer. I pick up on patterns and technique a lot better.
- I had a thought for a Survivor series: Start them out merged and then split after four or six get voted off and then remerge for the jury.

Bailey said...

Now the reply to your reply. (I'm also going to try to hold my updates until Friday, so I don't spoil the episode for you)

First off, don't get me wrong, I like Bobby Jon. I was just disappointed that there wasn't more to the freak out. But I know that there will be more chances for a Bobby Jon freak out.

I agree that Judd is a bad sport. But fun to watch.

I'm happy that this is making you a better Survivor critic. I feel the same way after I started writing these.

I REALLY like your idea. Marti and I have discussed how much fun it would be if there was a season with NO tribes. Just 16 people going at it. Kinda the same idea.