Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 272

This afternoon I had a job interview, and while walking in from the parking lot I found a heads up penny. Hopefully good luck, as this is a new position within the organization, and would be a nice step up for me.

Late in the night, I had to make a post office/change run. I once again went to JR’s and found nothing, but McDonald’s netted me 2 nickels and 2 pennies. I went to Chick-Fil-A and found 1 quarter and 1 nickel in the parking lot and 3 quarters near the drive-thru. My final stop was at Starbucks where I found 7 pennies.

Total for the Day - $1.25
Total for the Race - $74.53

Survivor Update

I was running late on Thursday, so I caught Survivor live from 7:20 on, and went back and watched the beginning on tape after I finished it live. Since it was a jumbled up for me, most of my thoughts come near the end of the episode. I’m a bit nervous since Liza has already responded that she is waiting to read this. I hope I live up to the hype!

Gary came through so clutch with the hidden immunity idol. I love how he just got up, slammed it down, and never said a word. Marti and I are really starting to like Gary, and he is really starting to play the game well. I’m just afraid that this was his “Getting to like Gary” episode and next CBS will clip him. More on that later.

Speaking of popularity, is it just me, or is Stephanie just becoming annoying in this season? Why is CBS editing the shows this way? Couldn’t they just put her back on a tribe of 1?

Well Bobby Jon got EXACTLY what he wanted, voted off, but part of the jury. Enjoy the rest of your face time with America.

Why are the final words ALWAYS cut off? If they only have 14 seconds to show them, why do they have the person talk for 30 seconds, and cut them off? Couldn’t CBS just get rid of the Febreeze awkward/stiff family moment, and just give the voted off Survivors their full time?

Well, I am 1 for 1 in picking the next person off. Like I said earlier, I am really beginning to like Gary, but Survivor is, at times, like a soap opera. And we are in the middle of a “Gary surges in popularity only to get voted off” story line. Happened last season with Coby. Great editing for him in one episode, then next week the ax comes down. Sorry Gary, I wish I could say it was the Fishmonger.


Liza said...

Good call on the Febreze family moment. I guess the producer's cheaped out this year and didn't want to fly the whole gang to Guatemala.

What's the deal now with the hidden immunity idol? Is it out of play or will Probst sneak into the woods and hide it again?

Password: rognt

Bailey said...

That is an interesting idea. We had not even thought about it. Knowing CBS, they might just put it under Stephanie's bed!

Password = eowul

beth said...