Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day 311

I slept maybe 40 minutes last night. I was up all night with a bad fever and congestion. I got nervous because Marti and I were supposed to fly to Indiana in the afternoon. Last December I flew when I had a cold, and not being able to pop my ears for 2 hours was AWFUL. Thankfully I got a bit better and loaded up on Dayquil, Tylenol and Afrin so the flight wasn't that terrible.

At the airport I found 4 pennies near various store registers. I also found a dime on a seat in the waiting area for gate C42.

On the way to the airport we were running on time until Marti said that she forgot to get cash, and we had to stop, putting us behind schedule. I should have remembered that this is rule #382 in the married life handbook, Marti will ALWAYS have to make a stop when we are going to the airport!

Total for the Day - $0.14
Total for the Race - $86.49


lpkitten said...

sorry about the illness. being sick is never fun. but really, i think sometime you should come out to cali, and you should show me the ropes on change hunting. it really baffles me how you have such a knack for finding it. ;)

Bailey said...

Yea, my eat has still yet to pop since the flight, but I think it will happen today.

After I get back to my home base, I'll pass along some change finding hints. Although, I would chekc out Chris's Blog, since he has found like $250 in change so far!