Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day 323

Happy New Year!

To celebrate 2006, Marti and I planned to go to a poker party to ring in the new year, but the party fell apart at the last moment, so we stayed home to celebrate together. We actually missed watching the ball drop in NYC because we forgot that we are in the central time zone and it happened at 11 and not midnight. Thankfull NBC showed a rebroadcast, so we did see the ball drop at midnight. Speaking of TV broadcasts on New Years Eve, it was very sad to see Dick Clark on TV. Not much else to say.

After all the ball dropping excitment, I went out for my first change run of 2006. At KFC I found 1 nickel and 1 penny. At Starbucks I found 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 6 pennies and at Chick-Fil-A I found 2 dimes and 8 pennies. I was a quarter away from the cycle with only one stop left, but thankfully the A&W place came through for me, as I found 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 8 pennies. (7 of which were very shiney).

Marti and I used some old wedding gift cards and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Pappa's Mexican restaurant. As we always do, we took the first available table, which gave us a table in the smoking section. It got me thinking, since smoking sections are getting so much smaller, do you think that real smokers get pissed at people like me? Since I can sit anywhere in the restaurant, but I end up taking one of their seats, and I don’t even smoke.

After dinner we make a quick stop at the southern Chick-Fil-A, where I found 1 dime and 4 pennies.

Total for the Day - $1.38 - Change Cycle
Total for the Race - $89.02


Chris said...

Quite thought provoking question about the smokers. However, if the seats are in such demand (ie. limited number and lots of smokers) than how come "first available" ALWAYS lands you in the smoking section?

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Brian said...

Nice way to start the year ... you should get to $100 before the full three hundred and sixty-five days, and then we'll be awaiting the results of the lottery gambit.

Happy New Year...

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Bailey said...

Chris you are right that there are normally seats open in smoking. But if there weren't, and you were a smoker waiting for a spot, wouldn't you be pissed if you saw a non-smoker in there? It's like a healthy person parking in a handicap spot.

Brian, thanks for the confidence. I also believe that I should hit the $100 mark by day 365, but I am going to need a solid January to make it happen.

But when it is over, I will be interested to see how much money you can win with $100 in scratch off lottery tickets.

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Noala said...

Hi Bailey, thanks for the comment on my blog.

I'm pretty amazed at how much change you find, methinks I'd better start looking myself!

lpkitten said...

i guess they should be happy they at least have a smoking california they would be lucky if they were even able to smoke outside 100 ft away from the restaurant