Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 332

On the way to work I found 1 dime and 3 pennies at Wendy's.

Then at work, I found 1 dime near a vending machine.

Total for the Day - $0.23
Total for the Race - $90.66


Rocky said...

Did you have a goal of money you wanted to reach, or are you just seeing how much change each day brings?

Chris said...


You found his blog at a good time. I'll fill you in on the goals, since I got here first. We are both racing to $100 in found change. However, it isn't much of a race since I'm over $200 at this point, but still, a goal is a goal. He will have to fill you on on what he plans on doing with the money (a VERY cool idea).

password: ngsjrwzg

Bailey said...

We were racing to $100, but Chris won that a while back.

Once I get to $100, I'm buying 100 scratch off lottery tickets and seeing what happens!