Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 367

This morning I found 4 pennies at Wendy's, along with a very angry glare from a women in the drive-thru window. I waved and wished her a happy Valentine's Day but it did not break her icy glare. At Arby's I found no glares from the drive-thru window, 1 dime and 3 pennies.

I must say that I really hate Valentine's Day. I have been with Marti for a good number of years now, so it's not because I'm single, or I hate that everyone else is a couple. I just really don't like days of FORCED giving. Birthdays and anniversaries I understand. But what the hell are we celebrating today? The fact that I love my wife? So why must I be forced to buy her unbelievably overpriced flowers, candy and cards today? It is all just such a joke and I really don't like. Thankfully, Marti doesn't buy into it either, so I don't have to go all overboard, because society says that today is the day for love.

Personally, I prefer to shower Marti with flowers, cards, candy and gifts on random weekdays when I feel like it, and I do this fairly often. Plus, it means so much more when Marti gets a dozen roses on a random Thursday just because I felt like saying "I Love You", rather than on a day like today when all the other lemmings are doing it.

Total for the Day - $0.17
Total for the Race - $103.14


Ahamed Iqbal said...

Totally agree with you on the valentine's thoughts. Luckily my girl agrees too.

By the way, why did you get the stare from the Wendy's lady?

Chris said...

Good thing Marti isn't into V-Day, or that $2 box of chocolate that I saw might not cut it.

kontan said...

100% agree. We recognize the hallmark holiday by sending whatever the kids need at school...but that's it. If my husband can't show he loves me throughout the year then V-day is NOT going to make up for it.

Bailey said...

Good to see that I am not alone in my views of Valentine's Day.

Ahamed - I got the stare, because I don't think she was happy with me picking up the pennies. I also must add, that I liked your picture on Valentine's Day.

Chris - Marti did enjoy the $2 box of chocolate!

Kontan - Thanks for stopping by, and happy to see that your views on V-Day are in line with another great mind - MINE! :-)

Blair said...

that's so sweet