Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 383

I found one penny at work (It had been marked on with a blue pen) and 1 nickel and 3 pennies at JR's Car Wash.

I finally finished The Great Influenza. Sadly I did not enjoy the author, even though it was a very interesting topic. He spent the first 100 pages talking about the history of United States medicine and doing profiles on promient doctors and researchers. Then the book picks up a bit as Barry details the Influenza of 1918, but then it ends with a wimper. The Influenza just dies out naturally and the doctors and researchers that I read about for 100 pages, really had nothing to do with ending the epidemic. But around 50-100 million people died worldwide in 1918-1919 and over 675,000 in the United States. Feel free to check it out on E-Bay and read it for yourself, as I have just listed this book for sale. Bid Early and Bid Often.

Speaking of E-Bay my new book is The Perfect Store by Adam Cohen. It is the story of the start and rise of E-Bay, I was able to pick this up at a used book store for only $2! I list about 15-20 things a week on E-Bay, so I am a fan of the site. Plus I am always interested in stories about the beginning of businesses, so I am excited for this book. Since I started it last night, I have already read 75 pages and I know what YAHOO stands for and where the name E-Bay comes from!

Total for the Day - $0.09
Total for the Race - $109.99

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