Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 396

I found 1 penny at Wal-Mart and 1 dime at a newsstand at the airport.So on the flight to Vegas, the in-flight movie was Pride and Prejudice. TOTALLY unacceptable! It should be a law that on every flight to Vegas the airlines only show Rounders, Casino, Swingers & Striptease on a rotating basis. Although comedy on the flight was provided by the group of guys who were 3 rows ahead of me. Just imagine a softball team finishing up a game and stepping right onto a plane. Hell, one guy was wearing his jersey and shorts (Which were ripped to show off his boxers). Now imagine them on a flight to Vegas and them being way to excited to be without their wives for a few days.

The best part was when the flight attendant came on to say that drink service was over. They team booed, and she came back with, “Aw, shut up, you’ll be drinking free in 10 minutes.” Then one of the guys hit the call button. She said, “Are you bleeding out of your carotid artery? No? Then turn off your light!”

Wow, even with my iPod going with ear buds, I know they are going to the Horseshoe and then going to a strip club tomorrow.

Seriously. These guys need to be on ALL my flights with shitty movies!

Total for the Day - $0.11
Total for the Race - $165.17

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