Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 401

This morning would have been a perfect Sunday to sleep in. It was a bit cool, with rainy gray skies. Sadly, it was a Monday, and I had to get up early for work.

At Wendy's this morning I found 1 quarter and 6 pennies. At Arby's I found 6 pennies. At work I found 1 quarter in a vending machine. The oldest coin of the day is a 1986 penny.

On This Day in the Change Race
One of the reasons that I was happy to hit the 1 year mark was because it ment that I could do things like this.
On Day 36 I found $0.06. I remember the penny, because it was as Chris and I walked back from the Bellagio, where we went to search for famous people during my trip to Vegas last March. It was after midnight and even though Chris was walking with me, I was able to spot and pick up the penny before he could. I also remember that the nickle was in a slot machine at the Tropicana.

Total for the Day - $0.56
Total for the Race - $166.86

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Chris said...

Nice to see you back and posting. I like your "This Day in Change Race History," but I thought that was reserved for days where there were no finds, not days when you want to knock Chris for missing a penny!

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