Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 458

I did not find any change today.

Total for the Day - $0.00
Total for the Race - $178.53

Even though I stopped doing the weekly posting during this season, I really enjoyed it. I was just really busy, and trying to write a funny re-cap every week just started to burn me out.

I know that Brian really hated Shane, and even said that he would stop watching the season due to him. As the season wore on, I really started to like him. When I think of Shane, I think of the quote from Biloxi Blues "Never underestimate the entertainment of eccentricity". He falls into that Johnny Fair-Play category, somebody you love to hate, but once he is voted off, you realize how much entertainment he brought to the show. This was capped off by maybe the BEST exit ever after being voted off, "I'm about to eat a chocolate bar THIS BIG!"

Personally I couldn't stand Circe. I'm not even sure I spelled that right, but I was so annoyed by her, I refuse to spend the time to spell check her name. I understand that she is the "every man" on the show, but she didn't do ANYTHING, and she always seemed to be riding along not doing anything, and then ruined all alliances she went into. She just really got under my skin.

As for Terry. In the history of Survivor there was not a more deserving person to win the $1,000,000. Once I saw Danielle do the head nod during the challenge, I knew she was taking Aras, and Terry was history. What made it all the more annoying was what Shane said during the final tribal, that Terry deserved the money. If you felt that, then you should have allied with him before it was to late for both of you.

I just hope they try as hard to give Terry another shot as they did for Stephanie and Rupert. All they really need to do is bury the money on some remote island and tell Terry about it. I'm sure he'll find it in about 5 days.

I also must say that the honeymoon with Danielle is over. I was alright with her booting off Marti's true love, Austin. But then she just started to get loud and annoying. Then it really started to fall apart when CBS stopped showing as many shots of her in her bikini and then of course, she voted off Terry.

This is one of the first times that I really didn't want either of the final 2 to win (Between this and Chris being voted off American Idol, I was pretty unhappy with reality TV last week!). I felt like Shane when he said that he wanted to abstain. I was hoping that the Jury was going to buck the system and vote for Terry anyway.

Why did they get rid of the crazy "Probst traveling from the island with the votes on a jetski/jet plane/motorcycle to the finale"? That was always a great time.

I think that I'm ready for another Survivor All-Stars. I would like to see Terry again, along with some others. I could do more face time with Shane. Heck, I wouldn't mind watching Bobby Jon and Stephanie get voted off again!

I've thought this for YEARS, but I would love to see a cold weather season of Survivor. Just think it could be a nice change.

I would like to be on Survivor just because I think that I would do an excellent job of answering questions if I were in the final 2. I mentioned this to Marti during the final, and she said, "I know honey, you have said that EVERY SEASON!" But yet, it is true.

I think that I would do a good job of being honest, and not try to placate everyone. "Yes, I stabbed you in the back before you could do it to me. That is the ONLY reason I am where I am, and you are where you are. This game is not about morals, and while I understand that you are mad, there are times in the game when people have to be voted off."

Until next season!
Probst be with you!


Penny Squisher said...

I think that winning the final immunity was the stupidest thing that Danielle could have done. She had it set up so that no matter which of the guys won immunity she was going to be in the Final 2. The only way I think she could have won was if Terry had won immunity and brought her to the Final 2. Bringing Terry with her immunity wouldn't have helped her because then everyone would have voted against her because they would have viewed it as stabbing Aras in the back.

I wonder if she could have fallen off her platform and "accidently" knocked off Aras?

Terry was stupid for not giving Danielle his individual immunity on the final 4 vote. I'm sure she would have brought him instead of Aras if he had.

My favorite moment of the Finale was Jeff telling Aras to make sure he paid his taxes.


Bailey said...

I agree that Danielle would have been better off losing the final immunity. Because she won, she had to screw either Terry and Aras and lose their vote on the jury.

As for the hidden immunity idol, I have to disagree. Marti said the same thing you did. But look at it from Terry's perspective. He doesn't know for SURE that it's Aras/Cirae and Dannielle/Terry. The other 3 were all still part of a very strong tribe. He should have been worried that once he gave it to Danielle, she would have told the others and they would have voted him off. He wasn't in a safe place, and Danielle had just screwed him over the week before. I think he made the right move. Personally I think he should have made the move back when he had Sally and Austin, but once again, that is in hindsight. Had he given it up way back then, and the plan didn't work he would have signed his ticket off the show.

Penny Squisher said...

But the thing with the immunity idol was that he said he had it in his pocket. I agree that it would have been incredibly stupid of him to give it to her before tribal council but I never heard anyone say anything to make me think he couldn't have pulled it out of his pocket after the vote was counted and he knew he didn't need it anymore and handed it to her. Once he was sure it was a tie between Cirie and Danielle it was silly to make her go through the fire competition. If he really wanted to cement his alliance with her it certainly couldn't have hurt.

Bailey said...

I thought about that also, but I don't think that they would allow that. I think that you had to come into the vote with the idol in your possession. I think after the votes were read, you couldn't pass it off, or else the person would have TO much power. Plus, had he been able to, Terry would have used it. I'm sure there was a rule against that.

Brian said...

For the record, I ended up not minding Shane so much but not really liking the season or the players too much, either. I barely watched by the end; the NCAA's really threw me off track in the middle there.

I have to disagree on the Cerie thing to some small degree: she caught that fish and seemed to make more of an effort than, say, Danielle.

I also have been an advocate of the cold-weather Survivor. And I have the application form printed out! I just need the videocamera.

How about we start a pact now?

lpkitten said...

i loved the cheesy sequence where probst traveled by helicopter. when they did it i made fun of it but now that its gone, the show is just not the same. =)