Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 469

I found 1 quarter while walking into Target and 2 pennies around the check-out counters.

So this afternoon, Marti and I did the movie double feature, where we pay for one movie, but go to two. We decided to pay for The DaVinci Code and sneak into Poseidon, because we refused to give money to the creaters of Poseidon, and wanted to see it for more of it's "Bad Movie" quaility.

What happened during Poseidon, was a bet between Marti and myself made for one of the most tense movie moments I have ever had in a theatre. Marti now posts on MySpace more than on her Blogger site, and since she can write much better than I, here is her recap of what happened....

"So we went and saw Poseidon tonight, and I have to say, I am disappointed. I know, I know, you can't believe I could possibly go to a cerebral movie like that and come out with any disappointment. Well, my young grasshoppers, I was. Let me start, though, by explaining how we entertained ourselves during this movie.

Before the movie even started, Bailey and I made a bet that we each pick a character who we thought would die during the movie. Choices had to be made before the ship flip. The loser had to clean out the Littermaid when we got home. I called several characters, including Kurt Russell's, but took Richard Dreyfuss as my man. He was squirrely looking and depressed. Bailey chose a fairly goodlooking waiter who was helping the others escape. I should know I would lose as soon as they had Dreyfuss contemplating suicide before the damn ship even flipped. It was a sign that he would make it all the way through.

Possibly the most tense moment of the movie was when both of our characters were hanging in an elevator shaft with the brakes on the elevator car above them failing. They were scrambling over each other trying to save one another and survive themselves, all the while, the car was dropping toward them a few feet at a time. Then, to my abject horror, Richard Dreyfuss kicked Valentine (yes, that was his name) from where he was hanging from his ankle and scarmbled to safety just as Valentine fell to his death, impaling himself on the spikes that are always places at the bottom of any elevator shaft (for safety's sake, of course). And, as though to pound in further Bailey's victory, the elevator itself smashed down on his body, dashing away any illogical hopes I might have that he would survive having spikes through every organ in his body.

At this moment, the Ankle of Death was born.

Everyone who touches Richard Dreyfuss's ankle in an attempt to save their lives, even at his bidding, dies during the movie. Yeah, that's right. Richard Dreyfuss's ankle has a higher death toll than any other character in the movie, second only to the wave itself.

Interestingly enough, Dreyfuss's character was gay. Think you that there is a little unconscious criticism going on? I don't know, but I'm going to say yes, only because it's probably the most interesting discussion I could have about this movie."

Total for the Day - $0.27
Total for the Race - $180.53

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