Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 514

After watching the MLB All-Star Game, I decided to go out on a change run. At the Scrubby Duck, I found 1 quarter, 1 dime and 2 pennies. At McDonald's I found 2 dimes and 3 pennies. But the big score tonight came at the Fast Lane Car Wash. I found a pile of change sitting near the machine that sells the little air fresheners. It was a huge pile, and I have a hard time believing that someone just left it there. Either way, the total was 2 dimes, 8 nickels and 10 pennies!

So I have to admit, that over the past month, I have gotten rather into the World Cup, which is odd, because I really don't like soccer. I'm not really sure why I got into it, although this article by The Sports Guy sums up many of the same feelings that I had about this World Cup.

What I found interesting is how most of the U.S. media goes crazy over how much they hate the penalty kick format to decide games. Watching PTI, Jim Rome and Around the Horn, you would think that these guys are going to stroke out when they discuss it! How many times do you have to tell me that we don't end the NBA Finals with a Dunk Contest........I get it!

What I think is funny is, do you think that anyone outside the U.S cares what we think? The sport seems to be doing just fine the way it is? Why should Brazil care what we think, or if soccer is big here? It's not like it's going to help soccer get MORE popular around the world if it catches on here in the U.S.

And what would we think if Brazil told us that NASCAR would be better if they turned right?

Many times we are SO self absorbed as a country.

Total for the Day - $1.30 - Change Cycle
Total for the Race - $187.56

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