Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 536

Marti and I went to get some ribs to BBQ tonight at Schnuck's, and I found a dime under the self check-out counter. I'm amazed, and happy, with how much change is lost at Schnuck's.

On a very positive note, Marti got a job yesterday. We had moved to St. Louis for my new job, but Marti did not have a position. Yesterday she finally got a call back after some interviews and got a great position and is very happy and excited. Now I can't make anymore housewife jokes!

We went out for a celebration dinner at a local Italian place which got great reviews. It did not dissapoint, the house wine was EXCELLENT, but we really enjoyed the "water boy". It must have been his first day on the job, because he was working SO HARD to make sure that everyone had full water glasses. He must have asked us if we needed more water about 20 joke. It was so nice to see a kid trying hard to do a good job, we left an extra tip just for him!

Total for the Day - $0.10
Total for the Race - $189.84

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