Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 553

On a late night change run I found 1 dime and 4 pennies at Starbucks. I also found 2 pennies at Arby's. Finally at the Scrubby Duck, I found 1 penny and 1 Scrubby Duck Token. I did not know that they had their own tokens, but I found a machine that dispensed them, and learned that each token is worth $1.00.

I really wish that this person would have just left 4 quarters, because sadly the token does not count toward the daily totals. I will keep it in my truck, and next time I see someone there, I will ask them if they want to buy the token from me for $0.75.

Total for the Day - $0.17
Total for the Race - $192.05

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Chris said...

Good job with the PhotoFile picture. Or photoshop. Whatever.

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