Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 569

Right after midnight I made a run to the Scrubby Duck where I found 2 dimes and 4 pennies.

This afternoon while shopping with Marti and Schnucks, I found 1 dime and 1 penny.

We decided to buy stuff to grill burgers tonight. Well I went out to clean out our dumpy little grill, and it was all moldy and a leg was breaking off. I was offically tired of having a little mini grill that was crappy. So we went down to Lowe's, and we bought our first real big grill. It is awesome, and while it is a gas grill (I know, you get better flavor with charcoal....fine, you come clean it up for me) I already love it. Pictures to come soon.

Total for the Day - $0.35
Total for the Race - $193.60

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