Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well, we've officially bottomed out!

Over the last few days, I have found 3 quarters (In our apartment laundry room), 2 dimes and 3 pennies.

Now, onto more pressing news. As you have noticed, I have not posted for over a week. It started, because I was busy with work, then my Dad came to town to visit, and I was just to busy to post. Then I started this week with a pretty nasty cold.

Sadly, I realized that I wasn't really bothered that I hadn't posted, and really didn't have any urge to update the blog, and the thought of updating it felt like more of a chore. It was then, I began to have serious thoughts about ending the race/blog.

Over the past few months, my interest in the change race has been waning. I created an Excel sheet to keep track of all my finds and I haven't updated that since my August totals. So the Change Race has been eroding from the inside for over a month now.

There are a variety of reasons why I have lost interest in the Change Race/Blog. First and foremost, the inability to find good change spots in the nearby area is a major reason. With my new job and travel, many times it is tough to update the blog every day, and it becomes a chore to go back and update 3-5 days worth of finds and thoughts.

I got so focused on the move and new job, that I put the Change Race in the back of my mind, and it has never really made a move back. And while this whole blog is really a fun diary for me, I would by lying if I didn't say it is a bit discouraging to go a few months with only a handful of comments.

Whatever the reasons, we must move forward! No more looking into the past! Because as scary as it is to say, there was some time this week I thought about ending the Change Race all together!

But just like Kramer realized that he needed to shut down his fake Merv Griffin TV show in his living room, I think that right now, the Change Race needs to turn the lights out and re-tool. I'm thinking about some different formats. Maybe posting once a week, instead of once a day. I might get rid of all change runs, and go totally organic. Maybe dumping the monthly change total. Maybe getting Jim Fowler as a guest writer. These are all things that I am going to have to sort out.

I do know that I will come back in one form or another, so understand that this is NOT the end of the Change Race. I just need some time to get my enthusiasm back for the Change Race, and right now, trying to pound out posts everyday, while I'm not finding anything, isn't the way to do that.

Thanks for sticking with me, and see you on the flip side!

Total for the Race - $196.37


Becca:) said...

Well, I am glad to hear that you aren't quitting and I look forward to seeing what form the changed blog takes.

Chris said...

Say it ain't so, Kosmo. My happy day (Yankees lose) has now become sad. Retool and come back to the blog world. Mr. French Fry and all the loyal readers deserve it.

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