Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Pete Rose Sighting

The last week or so has been crazy! Since the last post, Marti and I have taken two trips, one to visit her family in Indiana for Christmas, and the other to Vegas! I managed to make a lot of finds, but many of the details were forgotten, so here are the highlights.

In Indiana, I found 2 quarters in the drink machine at our hotel on Christmas Eve. I consider it Santa's change present to me! I also found 2 dimes and 4 pennies on our trip.

Now, onto Vegas!! Marti and I were celebrating a belated 1 year wedding anniversary. (If you don't remember the wedding, click here) The traditional present for 1 year is paper, so on our actual 1 year date, June 25th, I gave Marti the paper plane tickets to Vegas, along with a copy of our ticket confirmation for tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Center section, Row 2, I might add!

While in Vegas, I found 1 dime on the ground near a slot machine, and decided it must mean the machine was good luck. I ended up losing about $5, while the guy at the machine next to me won $250. I guess the lucky dime had been kicked away from the lucky slot machine! I also found 6 pennies in walkway from the Bally's to the Monorail. I guess people were having a penny throwing fight? I also found a quarter on the floor of the Monorail. I also found 1 dime and 8 pennies, but the details are forgotten.

While walking through the Caesar's Palace Forum shops, I found 3 pennies near the edge of a fountain. There are a few levels above where people probably threw them and just missed the fountain. I would NEVER take change out of a fountain, but I wasn't sure about these, since it would have to be assumed that they were supposed to be fountain pennies, if the thrower had better aim. It was very busy, and there was a crowd behind us, so I decided to let them stay, and hopefully make some wishes come true for people in Vegas.

Finally, while leaving the Caesar's Forum shops, we walked by a sports memorabilia store, and noticed a sign outside that said Pete Rose was in there signing items. I was a bit surprised, because there wasn't a line or a bunch of people in the store. So I thought that maybe it was some impersonator or something like that. I was wrong, because right there at a table was the Hit King himself. If you bought anything for over a couple of hundred bucks, Rose would sign it for you. For about $600 or something like that, he would personalize a "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" baseball for you. Oddly, it was VERY sad to see him like this, just a side act in Vegas with a very small crowd. Willing to sign anything for a few bucks. And the fact that they were advertising the "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" baseballs, and that Pete was singing them with no problem, was just sleazy. I had very little respect for Rose before this, and after seeing this, I have none. I felt like saying something like this to him, but I know it wouldn't matter. Both Marti and I walked out and just felt sad that we had to see that. He was just a sleazy washed up player, who will sign anything or say anything for a buck. Not quite the legacy of a Ted Williams or Stan Musial.

I hope he's happy with all the signing money he gets, because he has nothing else left. Even some of the fake Elvis's drew a bigger crowd that Pete did!

Here are some pictures I took with my camera phone.

Total for the Week - $1.33
Total for the Race - $208.76

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