Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Fallen Tree

After a holiday lay-off that has been WAY to long, I began working out again.
In the snack machine next to the apartment complex work-out room, I found a dime.

Then at Schnuck's, I found 3 pennies.

I have been waiting so long to post, because I have been waiting for something interesting to write about, but nothing has come up. It has really been an uneventful past few days. So I will leave you with a picture from my study, showing the effects of the ice storm a few weekends ago, that left us without power for 36 hours.

Total since last post - $0.13
Total for the Race - $212.40


Becca:) said...

Where is the picture?

Becca:) said...

Well, it doesn't look like the ice would knock out power for 36 hours, but ice can be tricky. How many snow days were there during that time?

Bailey said...

Becca - The picture is there.

The reason we lost power, was because there was ice build-up on a power line and it knocked down pole holding up the lines. I also think some trees fell on the power lines.

It took so long, because the electic company had to get the construction company to help them install a new pole. Good Times!