Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Coin Purse

Marti and I decided to try a new restaurant in downtown St. Charles (We love their downtown Main Street). It was a nice place where we sat outside, sadly, their main draw was wine, and we didn't think it was very good. And for $40+, the food wasn't worth it.

But while we were eating, a few tables over a women opened up her purse to pay for her dinner, and accidentally opened up her change holder. As I have learned from Marti, a woman's change holder is like a black hole for change, and it always holds a ton of change. Well this lady proceeded to dump what seemed like $10 worth of change onto the brick floor. My Spidey sense tingled, and my eyes perked up, and no sooner than the second coin hit the ground, Marti pointed and me and said, "STAY! Don't get up!". Gotta love the change race!

The woman and her friends tried to pick up all the change, but on my way out I walked by their empty table, and found 2 dimes that they left behind. I might have found more, but Marti was giving me the annoyed look. I decided that I wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening and not spend it fighting with Marti in the Octagon, so I stopped the search.

Total since last post - $0.20
Total for the Race - $229.51


Chris said...

Ah, Marti. That crazy Marti!

Becca:) said...

My friend Lindsay and I had a similar situation (not with the coin purse) but with her husband being embarrassed that we were stopping for coins. Lindsay and I spotted some coins nestled between the counter and one of the displays. It tooks us forever to get them because it was too small to fit either of our hands so we had to use a pen to retrieve them (it took several tried). Lindsay's husband was so embarassed that he left us there. We retrieved the dimes but Lindsay forgot her coffee. We had to go back for it (he was even more embarassed about that) but I found a nickel on the return trip:)

Bailey said...

Chris - What can I say, Marti has a love/hate relationship with the Change Race!

Becca - Nice to see that you have become such chance finder, enough that you embarrassed a friend's husband. That means you are doing it right!

So....when are you going to start your change finding blog?