Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dime Streak

On Monday night as Marti and I got ready for a trip to Minneapolis, I found 1 dime at Subway. I also found 1 dime at the TSA Check-Point at the STL Airport.

This week Marti and I are doing a business/pleasure trip. I have some work in Minneapolis on Wednesday and Thursday. Marti is coming along, and after I am done on Thursday, we are going to a friends cabin on a lake up north and we are going to make a long weekend of our trip to Minnesota. It is fun to finally have a traveling buddy for one of my business trips. Plus, since I am here for business, my flight and hotel are all paid for!
Sadly, Marti got sick on Monday and has been fighting off a cold every since we got here. Last night she could barely breathe through her nose, and didn't sleep much. On my way back to the hotel tonight I stopped off at Noodles & Company, to pick up Marti some Chicken Noodle Soup, and found a dime. Making my last 6 finds to be dimes. A solid streak. Not quite a quarter streak, but nice.

Tonight we went to The Convention Grill for dinner, which has some of the best hamburgers and shakes that I have found in my travels. It is also a great looking diner, so I took a picture for all. Many more pictures from the weekend up at the cabin/lake coming on Sunday/Monday.

Total since last post - $0.30
Total for the Race - $230.29

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