Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Post Office Letter

First off, thank you for all the nice comments on my last post. It made me feel much better to write out my experiences.

I am not sure why I was selected, but check out the letter that I received for the Post Office this week;

How cool is this? I get to be part of the Post Office Council. Who knows what this means, or if they will ever contact me back. But this is very funny because for years Chris and I have made fun of the Post Office for how bad their service is, and talking about ways they could improve. The USPS might have just invited the wrong guy onto the Council.

I did not hit a car wash this week, but can you imagine how cool it would be if I found this! That would HAVE to count toward the totals!

Since my last post I found 1 quarter and 2 pennies at the check-out counter in Steak N Shake.

Total since last post - $0.82
Total for the Race - $265.55


budgets are sexy said...

let us know how it goes! and btw, that girl's name is killer: Susan Plonkey?

it's almost as cool as that diamond found!

Chris said...

Wow. Now if we could only score an invite to the eBay counsel we would be set for life!

lpkitten said...

nice. who knew there was a "secret society" of the usps? =)