Friday, June 27, 2008

The Rascals Game

Since my last post I found 1 dime and 2 pennies at McDonald's. I really didn't want to eat there, but I had an appointment in the afternoon that I was running late for, and didn't have time to make the standard PB&J for myself.

Last weekend Marti and I went to a River City Rascals game. We had planning on driving over to KC to go to a Royals game, but just didn't want to make the boring 4 hour drive to KC, so decided to hop over a few miles to the Independent Minor League team in O'Fallon, Missouri.

It was a good time, and of course one of the best parts of the game were the constant between innings minor league promotions. One of the promotions was a race between a egg roll, hot dog or burrito. But check out the game piece we got as we walked into the stadium for this race;

We ended up calling #1 - "Ethnic Egg Roll", because it looked a bit stereotypical, like something you would have seen in the 1940's. On a side note, the Egg Roll finished a distant 3rd.

One other note from the game, one of the Rascals is A.J. Van Slyke, son of former Pittsburgh Pirate Andy Van Slyke. A.J. looked pretty good, and even hit a home run over that huge wall in right field. I think I might go back later in the year and get his autograph, just for fun. Maybe look around the ballpark and see if Andy is around.

I leave you with some pictures from the game.

Total since last post - $0.12
Total for the Race - $268.23

(Just an FYI, Marti and I took a road trip to Iowa, and we have some very solid stories, pictures and change finds to report. Be on the look out for that later this weekend. Also, for those who remember our trip to Paris, Super Grover makes a return!!)


budgets are sexy said...

Oh man, i am SO waiting for those grover pix!

and btw, i failed you the other day...i found a bright and shiny dime laying right at the bottom of my shoe , and i simply kept moving along.

i came super close to going back and getting it, but then i felt pretty stupid cuz i'd have to explain the whole thing to the co-worker i was walking with. so, the point is, i have some work to do on myself ;)

Bailey said...

BAS - Oh some solid Grover pictures are coming.

I'm sorry to hear about the dime. Don't ever feel silly picking up money off the ground. You can always go with the "Head's up for good luck" line, and that will stop people from giving you the stink eye.


I am so loving your race...I dont "look" for change but I am doing it with my own and those I find and swipe from my daddy's pockets when he is napping...far $10.90 in dimes alone..... keep up the goods.