Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The NYC Finds

As you know, this Monday was my 30th Birthday. So to mark the date, I took the week off work, and Marti and I traveled to NYC for a vacation. Marti has never been, and since I used to live here (Which is why I'm a Mets fan), I had to come say goodbye to Shea Stadium. (Plus Marti had to come say Hello/Goodbye).

So far I have been doing great with finds in New York. Here is what I have found since my last post;
  • 1 Dollar Bill at STL TSA
  • 1 dime & 2 pennies at Airport Starbucks
  • 1 dollar on ground at Newark AirTrain station
  • It is worth noting that I used airline miles and hotel points for this trip. The coffee we got at Starbucks cost us $6. Since we found 2 bucks and change, we were at a point where it was possible that found money was paying for the trip. That ended when we paid $30 for the train tickets from Newark to Penn Station!
  • 1 penny near escalator at Penn Station, NYC
  • 1 penny at NBA Store on 5th Ave
  • 3 pennies on 34th Street in front of my old apartment
  • 4 pennies around NYC
  • 1 dime at Shea Subway Station
  • 2 pennies at Shea
  • 1 penny at Times Square Subway Station
I was so excited that I was able to find change on the street of my old apartment (34th & Lex, if you are interested) AND Shea Stadium. Very solid day.

I leave you with pictures of Grover in front of my old Apartment, at Shea Stadium for the Mets game (We beat the Phillies, sorry Brian!) and a photography picture that I am proud of.

Hopefully, if things keep up, more finds to come, as we are here until Saturday.

Total since last post - $2.34
Total for the Race - $273.65


budgets are sexy said...

Happy Birthday bro! And good job this go around - finding dollars sure does add up a bit faster :)

It also reminds me of when i lived in NYC for a cple years. I used to word for Continental Airlines over at Newark Airport, and took that damn airtran alllll the time to get back into the city ever day.

Good times were definitely had there though! Hope you guys had some fun, it sure looks like Grover did.

Greisie said...

Love the last picture. Long time no talk. Glad to hear and see that you (and Grover) are doing well.

Bailey said...

BAS - Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Yes, the Airtran! Good times.

Greisie - Good to hear from you again. Glad to see you back on the blog world. Still hitting up the Astros?

lpkitten said...

haha! i love grover. :)