Monday, February 14, 2005

Day 2

I went to Target today to run some errands, but I figured that if I parked far enough away, I would be able to pick up some change. Errands were accomplished, change was not.

So when I came home, I really didn’t want to jog, but I felt that it was my last chance to get some change. I thought about walking to the gas station down the street, but I figured that the fiancĂ© (Marti) wouldn’t think that was the best way to spend Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love like looking for pennies at the local gas station.
On my first lap around the apartment complex, I found a penny. So this race might not only be good, but could also be good for my health, if it is making me jog every day.

While I was driving home, I was behind a horrible driver, with a G.W. Bush bumper sticker. I understand that bumper stickers are a great way to get publicity, but personally, I would be less likely to vote for someone due to the fact that their supporters are horrible drivers. If I was running for office, I would make someone take a driving test before I issued them a bumper sticker. If they liked to drive slow in the far left lane, then no bumper sticker for you!
This is all for naught, because I would never vote for Bush in the first place.

Tonight, Chris is supposed to start his own blog of the change race, so you can see his side of things. Once I get the address, I will link to it. But I do know this, I am now in second place!

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