Sunday, February 13, 2005

Day 1

I talked to Chris this morning, and was very sad to hear that he found $.12 cents on the streets while he was sleeping overnight to get an autograph. I was nervous that this race would take me days to get into.
How wrong I was.

Today while jogging around my apartment complex, I found a quarter. What a great way to start off the race. Then I found a penny.

Later in the day, I went over to the gas station to buy a newspaper. I knew that I was serious about this race, when I spent about 3 minutes (And bloodied my knuckle) getting a penny out of a clump of gum. Then at home, I had to put some rubbing alcohol on the penny to get off the excess gum. This led me to think that I might have given more attention to a penny than anyone else on this day.

27 cents. Not a bad way to start off the race, since Chris is still at 12 cents!

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