Saturday, February 12, 2005

Start of the Race

After months of discussing with my friend Chris about how much change is laying around the country, we decided to put our minds and free time to use.
Tonight we started "The Great Change Race".
We will being collecting any money that we find on the ground. It must be found, and must be change. First one to $100 wins. The trophy you ask? It is a parmesan cheese shaker that we stole from the pizza place where we hatched the idea. It will be filled with 100 pennies and will be a symbol of our victory.
Before I go futher, I must give a shout out to our inspiration.
While we had been talking about loose change in the country, and how much it would add up to. This blog was what we were talking about when we hatched the idea for "The Great Race". Chris was even in contact with the author to discuss rules for how we should correclty run our contest.
So as the change adds up, I will post.
Today - No change collected. Chris is spending the night outside a baseball stadium to get an autograph, so it's possible that he might get something, and I could be in last place by the end of the day!

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Deek Deekster said...

This is a great idea. I constantly pick up change, including silver - the British five pence piece is widely ignored in London, if dropped. I think you could go international on this.