Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day 19

I was at a red light on the way to work this morning, and I thought that I saw a penny on the side of the road. But I wasn't quite sure, because it looked a little like a mini-Ritz cracker, and I have been fooled by them before (It's amazing how much a beaten up mini-Ritz can look like penny to the untrained eye. I'm slowing becoming the "trained" eye). Either way, I took a chance opened the door, and was happy to find that it was a penny. I found one more penny at work, and 3 more at a IHOP that I stopped at on the way home.
For those of you wondering what is up with Chris, he is in Flordia watching Spring Training, which is why he isn't blogging. He called this morning to say that he already found 90 cents. His double digit streak is nearing 20 days! I'm not sure if he is just that much better than me or just has a bit to much time on his hands.
All I know is that I've already taken a vacation, and I haven't missed a blog.......can't say the same for Chris.

Total for the Day - $0.05
Total for the Race - $3.58

Thursday Survivor Update

The girl fight (I’m still learning names) was so absurd. It is just WAY to early for people to get all testy. Like I said last week, it’s way to early to cry and care about who got voted off, and it’s to early to be so annoyed that you need to flip out.

I’ve always loved when Probst tells the Survivors about the reward for the challenge, then asks, “Is it worth playing for?” Wouldn’t it be great once, for a tribe to be like, “No Jeff, a sewing kit sounds kinda dumpy. Sorry CBS, no reward challenge this week.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am that we had a physical reward challenge, where people were allowed to dunk each other in the water, and Bobby Jon was involved, and we didn’t have a brawl. Come on Bobby Jon…….if you’re going to be the token “Crazy Guy” you’ve gotta do more than just scream like a freak. You were a rising stock after last week’s psycho performance, don’t let me down!

I still think that the first 4-5 episodes should be shown back to back. Just start off the season with 5 straight hours. The show is always kinda blah in the beginning, because there are SO many new faces, and you are trying to get to know everyone. Might as well get it all over with, and get to the fun episodes.

Marti is really worked up about Kim, she just can’t stand her. I can see why Marti doesn’t’ like her, but for Marti it is on a whole other level of hate. It’s like Kim embodies all of my old girlfriends. So it should be fun to have Kim around for another week, watching Marti getting all fired up!

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Brian said...

Please kindly delay your Survivor updates a day or at least withhold the ousted.

I tape and watch on Friday!