Friday, March 11, 2005

Day 27

Did the KFC/Taco Bell/Arby's sweep on my way to work this morning and found 1 dime and 3 pennies.
3 straight days with 13 cents (And if it wasn't for a 12 cent day, it would be 4). My change finding streak is a 13. Kinda spooky. I better watch out for a lightning bolt!

After I wrote that this morning, I found a penny at work, to save me from my spooky 13 change daze.
After I got home, I was kinda hyper, so I went out to do some change searching. I went to the car wash and found 36 cents (2 dimes, 1 nickle, 11 pennies). I was only a quarter away from the change cycle, so I searching a couple more gas stations, only to find 4 more pennies, but no quarter!

Marti leaves tomorrow, which will be sad, but I hope to drown my sorrows in dollar change days!

Total for the Day - $0.54
Total for the Race - $5.80
Change Finding Streak - 13 Days

Survivor Update

Nice to see that CBS is all about the product placement with the Home Depot . We’re probably only about 3 seasons away from the tribes being named Chevy and Mountain Dew.

If I gave you 100 to 1 odds that those airplanes in the ocean were NOT planted by CBS would you take the bet? I think not, and if you did, I think that you would be very nervous.

Andre Patterson was a basketball player for Indiana University when I went to college there. He was AMAZING in high school, and had a body that was built for basketball. But yet he just played soft his whole career and really never played to his potential, except for the pre-season NIT Championship against Duke in 1996 during Patterson’s senior year. He scored like 45 points and was completely unstoppable. I thought at the time, that he had finally put it all together and was going to become an All-American. Turned out we only saw his potential for that one game, and as my friends said, after the Duke game he turned in his testicles for his old pair of ovaries.
Why do I bring this up? Ibreheam is the Andre Patterson of Survivor. He looks like he should just dominate, but he doesn’t. Except for his second turn in the immunity challenge when he just blew the other dude off in like 2 seconds. The only question is, will he pull a Patterson and go soft for the rest of the show, or will he live up to his potential. Wait and see.

James losing to Coby, twice. Nothing like a redneck construction worker losing to a hairdresser. Where else but Survivor would you see these two guy half naked and wrestling?

New Survivor drinking game. Every time CBS has to fuzz out Angie’s nipple, because it is falling out of her bra, you drink. I guarantee that you will be drunk by the end of the show. Double shot for a fuzz due to panty malfunction

When Kim got voted out, all Marti said was, “It’s about time.”
Now the only question is, which woman will Marti hate next?

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