Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day 40

I had to work late tonight, so I was without a find until around 10pm, when I made a stop at the nearby car wash on the way home. I was a bit worried when I did my first sweep, and found nothing, but upon further review, I found a nickle. Making this the first day in a while without the find of a penny.

Total for the Day - $0.05
Total for the Race - $12.96
Change Finding Streak - 26 Days

Survivor Update

Nice to see James go, as he was getting on my nerves. So much talk from a man who comes up SO WEAK in the challenges. Although, just when someone gets annyoing, CBS.......errrrrr.......the tribe gets rid of them. Maybe the reason that Johnny Fair-play got so popular as a villan, because even after the whole "Dead Grandma" issue, he was still around for 5 more episodes.

Ulong is maybe the worst tribe ever, they just can't win anything. It's funny to see them talk about making allinaces for the final 3. At this point does it really matter? When they merge, they will just get picked off.

Always fun to see Jeff Probst get annoyed when a tribe sucks, or seems to go half speed in a challange. As if they are doing it to personally piss him off. His little comments like "Back to tribal council AGAIN!" or "Pick the the pace Ulong" always crack me up. As a reality series host he is in his prime, throwing fastballs.

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