Friday, April 01, 2005

APRIL FOOL'S - Day 48 (For Real)

And if you're wondering if Chris bought it...........I'm talking to him right now on the phone, and he is beside himself, and refusing to accept this as counting toward the race, saying that it isn't "Isn't the spirit of the race". So while I might be losing the change race, I won the April Fool's day contest. Gotcha Chris!

This whole gag, got Chris talking about if this find should count for the Change Race total. To keep the gag alive I had to argue HARD that it should count. But honestly I'm not 100% sure what to do. The fact that it was a bank, makes it shaky. But Chris's logic of - If it is socially acceptable to turn it in, then it shouldn't count - didn't win me over. In fact it made me feel more that the money should count. The principal is the same as a penny in a drive-thru, it is just that the amounts are different. And unless you can give a certain amount that is "To Much" (Which we couldn't do) I don't think that you can start picking which finds count just on feeling.
I'm really on the fence, and since it was a bank and coins that were rolled, I would probably say no. But if I found a big find, lets say $15 in quarters laying around, I would probably argue that it counts. Because it was lost, and had no owner.
We were going to use Brian as our arbiter. So I'd be interested in hearing what Brian has to say about this particular situation, and the logic we should use for a possible REAL find like this!

Actually a lot of what I posted is true. I did get up early, and do some change hunting at KFC/Taco Bell/Wendy's but found NOTHING! I was amazed. I was starting to grip a bit, until about an hour into work, I found a penny in the hallway. And while talking to Chris on the phone, I was walking out some trash, and I found a nickel and a penny. So in a way, my April Fool's joke helped my change race!

Total for the Day - $0.07
Total for the Race - $13.64
Change Finding Streak - 34 Days


Brian said...

This is a dilemma that I have encountered in a similar regard. On Dec. 7, 2003, the post for which seems to be lost for some reason, I found $16.52, mostly in quarters from a broken parking-token machine at local train station.

Though my first reaction was to keep the cache, I felt I had an obligation to try to return the coins to an owner because of the large amount and because I was reasonably certain I could locate the owner.

After a bit of research, I located the company that owned the machine and gave them a ring. When they were kind of rude on the phone and didn't seem overly concerned about getting their money back, I asked readers whether I should return it or keep. The response was overwhelming: Liza said to keep it, so I did.

In your hypothetical, I should think you would have to return it to the bank for them to locate the rightful owner. But it certainly would be reasonable to inquire about a waiting period should no owner come forward, and then I would think you could count it as found.

Chris said...

You are not a nice man!