Friday, April 01, 2005

Day 48

Marti had to go to an early meeting at work, so because of this, I was up early also. Since I had some extra time, I decided to do some early morning change hunting. I hit the KFC/Taco Bell/Wendy's nearby and found 2 quarters, 1 dimes, 8 pennies.

On the way to work, I had to stop by the bank to get some cash. I was annoyed at first, because even though the bank has 2 drive thru lanes for ATM only, they were both busy. Since it was Friday, my bank has early Drive-Thru teller hours, so I just went into the open lane for "Commerical Business" which has a heavy duty chute for heavy and oversized loads. When I pulled up, I noticed my big find of the day. Somebody before me, must have been cashing in some rolled coins, and dropped some, because laying below my truck door was 1 roll of quarters, 1 roll of dimes, and a broken roll of quarters! After the teller sent me my money through the chute, I did the "Dropping my receipt" move, and picked up the 2 rolls and as many of the quarters from the broken roll that I could without being TOO obvious.
All told, I got 68 quarters and 50 dimes from the bank find.
I honesly feel a bit uncomfortable about swiping this much from a bank area, but I figure that whomever dropped it, HAD to notice, and decided it was not worth the hassle.
It was worth my hassle, and brought me back into this race!! Put me in First place to be exact!

Total for the Day - $22.68
Total for the Race - $36.25
Change Finding Streak - 34 Days

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