Saturday, April 09, 2005

Day 56

I found 4 pennies today. 1 at a local taco place, 2 at Wendy’s and 1 in the wood chips next to my parking space at Minute Maid Park.

This morning, while I was jogging a song came on the radio. The song in question was a soft rock song from the 80’s and I was really excited to hear that it was going to be on the radio. I was excited enough, that I even extended my jog an extra lap so I could hear the end of the song. It is one of those songs that I would be embarrassed to admit that I enjoy. So embarrassed that I won’t even mention it here. But since I had on the headphones, I was able to turn it up. Before you start to make fun, I’m sure that you have favorite songs that you wouldn’t want others to know. So next time you hear that song in your car, roll up your windows and enjoy!

Total for the Day - $0.04
Total for the Race - $15.04
Change Finding Streak – 42 Days

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