Friday, April 08, 2005

Day 55

Since we are in Day 55 of the Race (The Double Nickel) it seems fitting that I found 2 nickels today. I hadn't even really thought about this until I sat down to write this.
In the morning I found a nickel and a penny at the KFC and I found a nickel and penny at Wendy's. I also found 1 penny while at work.

Total for the Day - $0.13
Total for the Race - $15.00
Change Finding Streak - 41 Days

Survivor Update

Marti and I were talking about this, and the only people that we really like are on the Ulong tribe. I'm a big fan of Stephenie and I like Bobby Jon, because of his potential to flip out. I was excited after Ulong lost the reward challenge, and Bobby Jon was getting mad. The look on his face when Tom was pounding the Scope was priceless. All Tom needed to do was throw some Scope on him and I am sure that Bobby Jon would have gone Ron Artest on him, which of course would have been must see TV.

As for people that I like on Koror. I still like Ian, maybe it is just because he reminds me SO MUCH of my buddy Robert from college. I also like Tom, even though he is a breathing NYC Firefighter stereotype. Couldn't he play the dad in the movie "She's the One"?

Nice to see that CBS finally went to the sad music & crying Coby moment as he talks about the struggles in his life. Was anybody suprised that they did this? I'm betting even money that in the next 2 episodes, we get some Gregg & Jennifer night time snuggle shots, people talking about how annoying Gregg & Jennifer are, and shots of Janu doing nothing followed by interviews of people mad about that.

I was happy to see Ulong lose AGAIN, because I wanted to see how they deal with voting on the 2 person tribe. Marti and I were voting that they would have Koror vote, but I guess the fire deal was alright. Now I am really excited to see Stephenie deal with camp by herself. I hope they don't merge right away, because I think it could be really interesting. Although I guess when you are surrounded by 3 camera and a crew of 15, you really aren't alone. I really doubt that CBS would let her wig out or die on camera, so if they play the "I'm so scared being ALONE" they are taking it a bit far.

Marti's good comment of the night. How is Stephenie going to get back to camp in her outrigger? You can't paddle and steer one of those on your own. Interesting........I bet CBS had their crew help her, and they never show us that situation on T.V.

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