Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 66

In 600 days, I'm not sure how I will title that blog entry.

This morning on the way to work I found a penny at a vacuum cleaner at the local Shell station. While at work, I was talking with some colleagues in a break room when I spied a dime under a table. Since no one at work knows of my change race, I couldn’t just scurry under the table and pick it up. I left, knowing that I was probably the only one who would be searching for change, and hoped that when I returned in 10 minutes, the room would be empty. When I came back, I found 3 different colleagues chatting away. Everyone was standing around and chatting. I took a seat at the table, and played the “I’m so tired from the long game last night” card. While stretching in my seat, I pulled the dime to me with my foot. Then a quick “tying my shoe” move, and the dime was mine, without anyone the wiser.

Although it will not be put into circulation, this is a coin that I wouldn’t mind finding.

Total for the Day - $0.11
Total for the Race - $16.20
Change Finding Streak – 52 Days


Tim said...


you find one of these and you ace this thing

Chris said...

How do you expect to be a winner if you can't even admit that you are searching for change? I'd sack up and pick up the dime in front of everyone.

Bailey said...

Just trying to keep some dignity.

Plus if everyone at works know about your searching, it could put all your work finds into jeopardy!

Bailey said...


Sorry I forgot to respond to you.
I did see that story. I think that Chris even mentioned it in one of his posts.
If I found that, it would be amazing, but sadly I think that we would have to just count it as $0.25 toward the change race total.