Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 69

Ahh, Day 69. This would have been my FAVORITE day of the race if I was still in High School. Like most High School boys, I loved the number 69 while I was a teenager. For most of my Freshman year of High School, I collected coins that were minted in 1969. I still have them in a jar at my parents house. I guess that would be my first change collecting quest.

This morning my quarter drought ended. I drove by KFC and saw a quarter out of my truck window, but when I got out of the truck the quarter was nowhere to be found. I finally found it again and now have my 3rd quarter of the month. I also found 3 pennies at Arby’s while on the way to work.

This weekend I am volunteering at a High School basketball tournament. The season is over, but this is one of many tournaments that High School players participate in to show off their skills, hoping for a college scholarship. Last year there were over 400 college coaches at this tournament, so hopefully I can rub some elbows with the coaches. I’ll report back with sightings tomorrow or Sunday.

(Late posting for today. On the way home from the basketball touranment, I stopped at a Chick-Fil-A and found 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel and 1 penny. The first time that I have found the change cycle in ONE place. I also found 2 pennies while I was getting dinner in the Wendy's drive thru.)

Total for the Day - $0.71
Total for the Race - $17.10
Change Finding Streak – 55 Days

Survivor Update

Like I predicted, this was Janu’s swan song episode.

When Janu quit the challenge in 6 minutes, Marti said that Janu wanted to be alone on her own island. At first, I thought that Marti was crazy, I just thought that Janu was quitting again, and that she would struggle on her own island. Once again, Marti proved to be a wise fiancé.

Good to see Janu yack up food from the reward challenge. I’m sure that after starving for days then pounding food, most people vomit. It’s nice to see CBS showing this again. They did it a lot in the first few seasons, but now so much lately.

Along those same notes, a quick note from last week. How lame was it that people were calling Tom a “lightweight” for getting drunk on rum. If you don’t feed me for a few weeks, then give me a bottle of rum, I might get drunk on just the odor. The fact that he was pounding from the bottle shows that he is a good drinker. You get some food in him, and I think he could drink anyone under the table. A fireman from NYC being a lightweight? Come on!

I thought it was great how Jeff Probst basically talked Janu into quitting at tribal council.
Probst is really in his prime as Survivor Host. He knows the right questions to ask, and his sideline comments from the challenges are priceless. I know that I’ve said this before, but right now he really has command of ALL his pitches. I really wish that we could have seen this Probst in the first few seasons, back when you had some great castaways, but Probst was still breaking into the role.

Needless to say, Marti was very happy to see Stephanie stay. I think that Stephanie is now Marti’s favorite Survivor contestant ever. When they showed previews for next week with Stephanie going all “Girl Power”, Marti got excited, so much that she even threw her hands in the air. But my favorite line from the night, was when I asked Marti if Stephanie was her favorite Survivor of all time. She said probably (She liked the blonde girl from season 2. One one who married a football player. I CAN NOT remember her name). Her reasoning was that Stephanie wasn’t a girly girl, she was “Like a guy with tits.”

All this being said, I think that Stephanie is in an interesting spot. If she can get an all girl alliance, I think that she could pick off the guys, then win immunity, and might even win the game. But, with the way the previews looked, I am REALLY worried that next week might be the “Stephanie has a great plan, but gets stabbed in the back” episode. Which is a shame, because Tom is the #1 threat right now. But I think that the other tribe members are not going to see this, or Tom has them believing that they are in the final 3. But it must be obvious that there is only one spot in the final 3 open, because it will be Tom and Ian. We shall see. Marti also said that she might cry if Stephanie gets voted off, so we’ll see about that also.

One last thing to report, if you haven’t watched Survivor Live on, you really should (You must have broadband though. Trying to watch this on dial-up would be silly). You learn all kinds of interesting things. Like that Janu was yacking through the whole show. Good to know!


Brian said...

I was glad to see Stephenie stay, too. She's definitely my favorite of this season, with Tom a close second. She nearly fits in that Colby-Rupert mold that I love, where they play the game with the strongest and eliminate the weakest, creating the most compelling group of competitors. There's not as much scheming and lying and backstabbing when the game is played that way, but I think it's more pure.

I do understand that they're playing for a million beans, but I still think I would like to earn it in some regard, and I don't think that is done when the best are picked off because of their perceived threat.

Maybe I'm just naive.

Chris said...

I have still never watched an episode of Survivor, but I continue to enjoy the updates.