Saturday, April 23, 2005

Day 70

Another day at the basketball tournament, and sadly to say, no sightings of major college coaches. I saw a TON of assistants from different schools, and I missed Bruce Webber from Illinois by like 40 minutes.

On the change front, I found 5 pennies at the car wash on the way home from the tournament. Later in the evening, Marti and I decided to go to a movie, where I found a quarter under the seat next to mine. We went to see Sahara. It was a fun film that didn’t make you think to much, reminded me of a James Bond/Indiana Jones type movie. Not going to win any awards, but an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours. Steven Zahn (Who I have liked since That Thing You Do) is worth the price of admission.

Total for the Day - $0.30
Total for the Race - $17.40
Change Finding Streak – 56 Days

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