Friday, April 29, 2005

Day 76

At work today I found a dime tucked away in the corner of the hallway. This made me feel better, since I hit KFC, Taco Bell, JCI & Arby's this morning and found nothing.

Total for the Day - $0.10
Total for the Race - $18.04

Survivor Update

Unfortunately I called this episode as the Stephanie tries to break the alliance, others seem interested and start to think about stabbing their friends in the back, but in the end they vote with the alliance and Stephanie is gone. What does impress me is that since we have gone to one tribe, I have correctly predicted the last 3 castaways to be voted off (Coby, Janu & Stephanie) so read to the end as I try to go 4 for 4.

Ian’s face when Probst pulled out the crabs was classic, “Wait, that’s what I DIDN’T pick”.

This brings me to a point about Survivor that I’ve had for a while. If I was ever on the show, I don’t think that I would WANT to see family or read any letters from home. It would just make me homesick, probably make me cry and make me look weak, and would take my mind off the game. I would not buy letters from Marti, and keep my eye on the prize of $1,000,000. Of course that is easier said than done.

Caryn is stupid. No other way to put it. First off she annoys me, because I can’t seem to remember her name. She admitted that she doesn’t have an alliance with anyone, so why go and yap the girl plan to Tom? Now the girls know that you stabbed them in the back, and the guys don’t believe you and think that you are the type to spread rumors. In one move, you make everyone hate you! Well done. If she pitches as well as she plays Survivor, the New York Mets will be using her out of the bullpen by early June.

The sad thing is, that now was the time for an all girl alliance. And it would have happened if not for Caryn. This was the time to take out Tom. After Stephanie was voted out, Marti and I both agreed that we hope that Tom wins immunity for the rest of the game, and that people start bitching about how they can’t take him out. If Gregg was smart, he would see that Tom is more of a threat than Steph, and could have been the guy with the girl alliance. So many smart moves that were possible, but instead the easy and possibly wrong choice was made. Tom and Ian continue to be in the drivers seat, and the chances to get rid of them are slowly slipping away. If Tom can make that awful “Don’t hold it against me because I’m better than you” speech (Which is basically telling everyone that he is the #1 threat) and STILL win, then more power to him.

Now onto the prediction. I feel pretty safe that it will be Caryn. I think that it’s going to be an episode where deals are starting to fall apart and people are getting paranoid, and Caryn will feel safe because she will be in the middle. And we all know that if you play that “I’m the all important swing vote” card for too long, you are a goner. Since Caryn couldn’t see Andre the Giant in a neon Hypercolor T-Shirt running at her, she won’t see this either. How she passed the bar and became a lawyer is beyond me.
So Caryn will be gone, and then there will be 5.

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Chris said...

Mets bullpen smack is always solid. If she hits as well as she plays the game she could be in the number 4 spot for the Astros tomorrow.