Saturday, April 30, 2005

Day 77

On the way to the Astros game I found 14 pennies at a car wash and a Sonic. On the way home from the Astros game, I found 2 pennies at Arby’s.

The story of the day would involve myself, Chris, Mark McGwire and my truck’s panic alarm. Through some sources we found out that Mr. McGwire was playing in a golf tournament in Houston, we were also knew which car he was driving. Through some fortune circumstances on our part, we ended up parked next to Mr. McGwire’s car. Somehow while waiting for Big Mac, I must have hit the lock button on my truck remote. SO, when McGwire starts to walk to his truck, Chris tells me to open the window, so we can hand over our baseballs. When I went to start the engine, because it was locked with the remote, the truck thought that I was trying to steal it, so the panic alarm started to go off. I’m freaking out, because I don’t know how to turn it off, and McGwire gets into his truck and drives about 30 feet away, to get away from this noisy truck.

Finally, after security had arrived on the scene, I got the alarm off, and both Chris and myself got McGwire’s autograph, not after Mark’s friend asked me “What the F**K was wrong with your truck?”

Total for the Day - $0.16
Total for the Race - $18.20

Change for April
Total - $4.63

Quarters - 5
Dimes - 18
Nickels - 7
Pennies - 123

Highest Daily Find - $.71
Lowest Daily Find - $0.01
Average Daily Total - $0.15

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